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Whether you are experiencing a traumatic or life-changing event, struggling with a partner or simply want to be proactive in regards to your mental health, therapy is a positive step towards change. 

The process of therapy invites an individual to explore their potential, confront their road blocks and determine a direction. Our willingness to be vulnerable and curious about ourselves in relation to the world and our place in it allows us to strengthen our motivation and our desires so that we can manifest our purpose.


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As a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, my sessions are designed to meet the client’s individual needs. My sessions do not follow a formula but rather, organically formulate as a result of the collaborative efforts of client and therapist. 

Therapy can address anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual dysfunctions, addictions or life-changing situations. The therapeutic process can also be seen as a proactive step in ones health rather than a needed “treatment” to address a problem.

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I am a systems theory trained therapist working in Wimberley, Texas with individuals, couples and families. I utilize solution-focused, narrative, cognitive behavioral and somatic therapy with clients in an effort to improve their functioning, well-being and sense of self. 

I am passionate about therapy due to the possibilities it holds. I find the therapeutic relationship and the space it opens to be sacred. I feel very comfortable and aligned with my purpose while holding a safe space for individuals to be vulnerable. This vulnerability is the pathway to strength and change. And change is empowering, emboldening and endless in its potential.

Prior to moving to the Austin area, I worked in private practice in north Dallas. I am currently working in private practice in Wimberley, Texas. I am married and have three young boys. I enjoy art, meditation, yoga, the outdoors and any and all documentaries. 

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If you are in a crisis situation that needs immediate attention, please call 911 or text the crisis text line at 741741. 


Systems thinking is described in part as “systems are composed of inter-connected parts. All parts are connected. A change to any part or connection affects the entire system.”

My enthusiasm for therapy is the richness and complexity of the connections between the parts. And the empowerment that is self-realized through the therapeutic process. 
How can the system support individual differentiation, healthy boundaries, and collaborative communication in an effort to restore peace to the system as well as space for individuals to actualize within it? Regardless of the history within a family, family therapy opens the door to restoring family health, rebalancing relationships and healing old wounds. The potential of therapy is endless and that is why it is my passion and my purpose.

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